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Closest Airport :

Atlanta Hartsfield Airport

Airport code ATL

Red Lobster


Juicy Crab

Olive Garden

Fried Tomato Buffet

Golden Corral


Logan's Road House

Wild Wing Cafe

and much more...


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*** Shuttle buses will be provided to and from hotel to conference site. Hotels are walking distance from shopping and restaurants.

THE WHAT: God placed this burning topic on the heart of Pastor Jasmine Dudley—and has been grooming her for this moment—since 2016. Her heart’s desire is to see healing take place between

Spiritual Mothers/Fathers and their Spiritual Daughters/Sons. Spiritual parenting is no easy feat. It

is often filled with trial and error along the way. This is mostly hereditary thus the cycle of

erroneous spiritual parenting is passed down from generation to generation. Pastor Jasmine has

received a revelation that these, among other legitimate reasons, have caused hurt and rebellion

among spiritual sons and daughters and their spiritual parents.



THE WHY: We believe that this breach in a relationship have created a lethal poison that’s

spreading throughout the entire Body of Christ and breeding unhealthy outcomes for the Church.

This retreat and conference is a safe place for spiritual parents and spiritual children to come

receive healing, bond, and learn how to function in healthy relationship. This is also a place where

those who desire spiritual covering can come to learn about the dynamics of spiritual parents and

children, and possibly connect with others in this manner. We are bringing healing to this issue

through teaching biblical and healthy concepts in a safe environment for growth and bonding. If

the leadership is healed and unified, then the Body of Christ at large is healthy and forward-




THE HOW: Pastor Jasmine and her team of experts will bring it all to the room of healing,

deliverance, and worship. We are offering sessions on topics such as the following:

- How To Build A Healthy Legacy for The Next Generation

- Discussing Financial Inheritances, Ministry Succession Plans, Recession Plans,

Building Plans, etc.

- How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Your Spiritual Children

- How to Manage Being Gifted and Submitted

- Finding Your Voice (How to recognize your spiritual parent)

- BEWARE of Ahab & Jezebel: Spiritual Parenting Gone Wrong

- and so much more…

Through the art of preached word, informative teaching empowerment sessions, and multiple

engaging activities; Pastor Jasmine and her team have prepared to set the atmosphere for healing,deliverance, and growth.

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